Dear colleagues,

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Montenegro, to the first Montenegrin International Medical Summit (MIMS 2019), which will be held from 3rd to 6th October 2019, in Podgorica, Montenegro.

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Montenegro has been educating healthcare professionals for over twenty years, who through their expertise, contribute to the progress of health care service, as well as the development of health sciences. Our Faculty represents a diverse and progressive community, characterized by dedication to teaching, healthcare profession and science and which is progressing with big steps on daily basis.

Our satisfaction is even bigger that, after more than twenty years of dedicated work, we are embarking upon another new adventure called the first Montenegrin International Medical Summit.

I would be proud to point out that our teaching staff and associates achieve outstanding scientific results. The students, future healthcare professionals, from their first steps at the Faculty, are being challenged and inspired to move their own limits in thinking and learning.

For many years, we have been investing a lot of efforts and energy in developing international cooperation. Our students, teachers and associates proudly sign the name of our institution on scientific papers in international journals, oral and poster presentations, as well as plenary presentations at international conferences, but also on the leadership positions of regional and international projects. Cooperation with foreign universities, student exchanges and trainings are just some of the visible effects of international cooperation.

The world of science is trying and challenging; it requires a lot, but gives back much more! Therefore, investment in education will help you become successful healthcare professionals. That is why this congress is the right opportunity to start investing in your future, because even the longest roads begin with the first step!

The task of all of us at this congress will be to give our contribution, to choose from many interesting statements, those that have a characteristic of scientifically confirmed facts, because only with knowledge and truth, we can make the solid foundation of scientific knowledge. I sincerely hope that your time spent at this Congress will result in achieving the intentions and wishes you had in mind when you made the decision to join us.

At last, I would like to emphasize our interest in cooperation, communication and constructive suggestions.

With the hope that you will enjoy the beauties of Podgorica and feel at home, I invite you to join us in October 2019!                                              

Dean of Faculty of Medicine,            
University of Montenegro               
Miodrag Radunović, MD, PhD, Full Professor

PDF version of welcome letter you can find here.