1. Let's patch it together - Suturing,  mr sci. dr Vladimir Dobricanin

    This workshop will consist of a theoretical and practical part where participants will be introduced to the types of seams, threads and suturing instruments, where it will be demonstrated to them suturing  techniques, after which each will have the opportunity to try or improve their suture techniques, with instructor assistance.

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  1. Every vein matters – Vascular suturing, dr Aleksandar Vulic

    The workshop consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Participants will be acquainted with the diseases treated by this field of medicine with a special focus on vascular suturing. The participants will have the possibility to try vascular suturing with the help of assistants.

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  1. Let's save some lives - Emergency care, dr Zana Pavicevic, dr Suad Sabanovic

    The workshop would consist of several stages, where participants would be placed in various situations, with the help of assistants to solve various problems that are often seen at the scene of accidents (triage of patients, stopping bleeding, CPR). The workshop includes a demonstration of a traffic accident, where participants would learn how to properly release a trapped patient.

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  1. When seconds make the difference, dr Ljubica Radunovic, dr Sladjana Vujacic

    Participants of this workshop will learn the basics of the most common emergencies in medicine, as well as try to solve them (medications, tracheotomy, intubation, CPR, defibrillation).

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  1. Discovering, understanding, healing - Immunology, dr Marija Gavranovic

    During the Covid-19 virus pandemic, more and more attention is paid to antibodies after the disease. Get to know the range of their roles in the diagnosis and treatment of a disease that has affected the whole world!

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  1. A look with an echo - Radiology, mr sci. dr Sanja Cejovic

    It is known that, in making diagnoses, we increasingly rely on various diagnostic methods. Thanks to its known advantages, echosonography has become a method that gives us the opportunity to confirm and even rule out many emergencies with great certainty. Participants will have the opportunity to master the basics of echosonography and to apply the same in practice using ultrasound.

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  1. Break a leg - Orthopedics, dr Jusuf Kadic

    The workshop consists of a theoretical and practical part where they will be explained the basic things in orthopedics as well as a demonstration of repairing orthopedic injuries, immobilization and tendon suturing, which will then teach the participants themselves.

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  1. Judge based on bones - Forensic medicine, dr Nemanja Radojevic

    Title: Anthropological determination of sceletal remains

    The course will enhance student's knowledge in anthropological determination of unidentified human sceletal remains.  Racial-, sex- and age-related differences will be in focus, but also those suggesting time and cause of death.

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  1. Matching the blood cells - Transfusion,  dr Dragica Vucetic, dr Nela Erakovic

    The workshop consists of a theoretical and a practical part where they will master the basic things about ABO incompatibility, side effects during wrong transfusion, ABO typing, as well as determination of blood group and RhD factors.

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  1. Medicine for the little ones - Pediatrics, – dr Nelica Ivanovic Radovic

    Since children are different from adults, they need a different approach both in conversation and in examination and diagnosis. The assistants will introduce the workshop participants to this topic through a demonstration of pediatric examinationand other methods that are often used in pediatrics, in which participants will have the opportunity to try it for themselves.

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  1. A look under the microscope - Pathology, dr Dragana Latic

    In order for the disease to be treated, it must first be detected. And what else would they turn to in that case, other than pathology? This workshop will discuss the basic concepts in pathology, the basic characteristics of preparations that are observed under a microscope, and participants will have the opportunity to macroscopically observe and describe different organs, as well as pathological changes in them.

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  1. iTOP workshop 

    iTOP is an acceptable, effective, and non-traumatic way of learning proper oral hygiene. It is a principle-based on the daily exercise of our knowledge both on ourselves and our patients.

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  1. Next level restauration 

    Improve your tooth restoration skills. Shaping different types of teeth in the jaw according to anatomical characteristics. 

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  1. Energised endodontics, strategies for safe and successful treatment 

    Mechanical Endodontics saves time, decreases postoperative pain, and gives great results even in the case of curved dental canals.

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  1. Perio workshop 

    Treatment and curettage of periodontal pocket as the most important periodontitis symptoms. Indications for flap surgery.

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  1. Skincare is healthcare - Dermatology

    The structure of the skin and confirmation that skin’s ideal pH is 5.5

    In addition to acting as the body’s first line of defense against bacteria and viruses, healthy skin also maintains fluid balance and helps regulate body temperature. It is very sensitive, recognizes the lightest touch as well as pain. The natural acidic protective layer of the skin repels pathogens and ensures that the skin maintains its barrier function. This prevents it from drying out and penetrating irritants and pollutants. The aim of this workshop is to show the structure of the skin, the importance of maintaining a hydro-lipid film on the skin and the practical measurement of  pH.

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  1. Beauty lies within the skin - Cosmetology

    The importance of Skin Care

    Taking good care of your skin is important for more than just your appearance. As the largest organ you have, your skin is essential to your general health. If you take care of it, it can help take care of you. This is why it is so important to have a well-thought-out skin care routine.
    Have you tried Uriage cosmetics? In this workshop you will learn about all the benefits of thermal water as the main ingredient of all products in this brand. You will also get useful information about products from a number of lines, each of which deals with solving different problems that can befall our skin, such as acne, atopic dermatitis, rosacea and other conditions.You will also learn the correct way to apply these cosmetics.

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  1. Make healthy nutrition your new tradition - Bromatology

    Study of food also known as food science

    The workshop will teach you why a healthy diet is important, what impact it has on physical and mental health, and the importance of adjusting your diet to appropriate conditions. You can also learn about diets, determining BMI, reading food content, what to avoid and what are the consequences of possible poisoning. Furthermore, we will talk about biologically active food ingredients as potential "elements of health", functional food, dietary supplements and  we will give you the right answers to all questions which are related to food and nutrition.

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  1. Caring beyond prescription - Clinical pharmacology

    Case reports, medical sites and interactive learning

    The workshop will help students to learn how to adequately use the acquired knowledge of pharmacology and how to give the right advice to the patients in various situations  through interesting case reports we prepared. Also, they will receive information about numerous professional sites, which will allow them to always have all the necessary information about drugs.

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  1. Think what nobody has thought, create the better tomorrow

    The role and value of marketing & communication in pharmacy

    This workshop gives you opportunity to master organization and management skills and learn about the importance of communication skills in pharmacy. This workshop includes doing PEST and SWOT analysis and presenting procedures in a diagram, basically most of the things you need to become an entrepreneur!

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